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Corporate Clients

Facilities and Services We provide to corporates

Maya hospital offers specialized services for corporate clients which cover the entire range from preventive diagnostics to wellness programs to insurance services and admission.

Maya hospital is associated with major TPA s, Cashless Facilities and for Diagnostic purpose.

We are also associate with many companies to conduct health check-up for their employees.

Our Corporate Patrons include:-

• Annual health check-up

• Industrial Health Visits

• Complete Health Check-up

• First aid Training

• All pathological services including special test as required e.g. Urine phenol for benzene exposure.

Corporate Health Management Consultation including:-

A. Health Management Program

• Conduct Annual Checkups

• Analyze and present key findings of abnormal factors

• Give advice to improve lifestyle and diet.

• Make recommendations for improving workplace environment based on tabulated results

• Treatment options for affected employees.

B. Corporate Wellness program

• Tips for healthy work environment

• Our Occupational Health Services

• Doctor on site

• Medical manpower assistance ( Male Nurse Centre etc)

• Corporate camps.

• Corporate workshops/Health Awareness presentations Corporate Medical Division Design and Process Management

C. Occupational Health Centre

• On-site Doctor

• Medical Manpower Assistance

• Management of Medical Centre Designing, Equipment & Maintenance, Providing & Training Manpower, Medicine Supplies, Day-to-day Operations


The Pre-employment Medical Check-up Scheme is suitable for adults of either sex. It includes the basic investigations required to determine the candidate�s medical fitness for employment

Investigations & Profiles

Diabetic Evaluation

o Fasting Blood Glucose

o Cardiac Risk Evaluation

o Non Invasive Cardiac Monitoring


o Lipid Profile

o Cholesterol

o HDL Cholesterol

o Triglycerides

o Cholesterol / HDL Ratio

Liver Profile

o Billirubin



o Gamma GT

o Total Protein

o Albumin

o Albumin / Globulin Ratio

Kidney Profile

o Creatinine



o Consultation with Physician

o Ophthalmic Consultation

o Height, Weight & BMI

General Investigations

o Complete Blood count with ESR

o Blood Group

o Urine Routine Examination

o Stool Routine Examination

o Chest X Ray

Obesity profile

The most important part of being a normal weight isn't looking a certain way - it's feeling good and staying healthy. Having too much body fat can be harmful to the body in many ways. This can be accomplished by undergoing certain tests specially designed by Maya Hospitals.


1. CBC
3. Lipid Profile (TC, TG, HDL, LDL)
5. Serum Creatinine
6. USG Abdomen
7. T3, T4, TSH
8. Pulmonary Chest Function
9. X-Ray Chest
10. ECG
11. Stress Test or 2 D ECHO
12. Consultation with Endocrinologist
13. Consultation with Dietician
14. Consultation with Cardiologist

All Health Check Ups are conducted by prior appointments only.

Approximate time for the completion of the entire package is around 6 Hrs.

o Minimum of 12 Hrs. fasting is essential prior to the check up. May drink water. Complete abstain from alcohol at least 12 Hrs. prior to the check up. o You are requested to bring samples of urine and stool , when you come for check up. You can get sterilized containers from Main Reception round the clock or you can purchase it from any pharmacy shop nearby.

o The men are requested to shave their chest to ensure a good ECG / Trade Mill Test.

o If you are wearing lenses, please remove them 2 days prior of Health Check Up.

o Wear loose clothing, No jewelry (Necklaces / Chains) and easily removable footwear.

o If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of Health Check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast in the hospital. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor. Please carry regular medication along.

o Please bring all your earlier (Within 1-3 Years) Medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if you have any when you come for Health Check Up.

o Inform Health Check Up Department in advance if you want any additional Investigations or consultations to be done so that we can schedule your appointments for the same.

o We can provide additional Tests / Investigations / Procedures / Consultations at request or if required however these will be billed separately in addition to the package payment.

o An authorization letter from your company is required to avail of services paid for by the company.

o Please display the special identification batch given to you during registration at all the times.

o Please be informed that certain tests like x-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.

o For Females, during menstruation (menaces) PAP SMEAR test cannot be done.

Our Corporate Clients




Air India (M.R.O.)


Bharat Petrolium

Indian Oil

Ultratech Cement

Ambuja Cement

Manikgarh Cement

Mahindra Tractor

Hira Group


Rama TMT

Kamdhenu TMT


and many more..

We are providing Occupational Health Services, Annual Health Checkups and Conducting Health Camps in following regions of the country.


Madhya Pradesh