Maya Hospital

Welcome To Maya Hospital & Research Institute


We are providing Occupational Health Services in the Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Shimla and Pondicherry regions.

We at MAYA Hospital & Health Services provide health services to all Occupations which include Hospital services from OPD to IPD treatment, Annual Medical check-ups, Vaccinations & Medicine supply to Industry, Presentation & Training on Various health issues like First AID & Yoga. We expand our services from Industries to Logistics & Marine Health also.

We has simple philosophy of Occupational Health Services - "Anything related to Health, You Name it & We will do It".
Occupational diseases are caused by exposure to harmful Chemical & Biological Hazards at work place and physical health Hazards at work place.
Two factors make Occupational diseases easily preventable:
First- The causal agents of these diseases can be identified, measured and controlled.
Second- The populations at risk are usually easily assessable and can be regularly supervised & treated and if required shifted to other location.

An important aspect of the control of Occupational disease is early detection, so the treatment can be given while the disease is still reversible.
This is the first center which has been set to provide All Health Related needs of all Occupational. We provide comprehensive Occupational Health safety services all over India & also to International clients.

Our team consists of AFIH qualified doctors with Government approved Certifying Surgeon , Nutritionist, Microbiologist, Statistician, Audiologist, Medical Technician, IT Professionals and field Technicians with Yoga and Meditational Expertise . We also have back up Hospital team for giving Hospital related services.