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As per Factory act and requirement of various ISO certification Bodies, pre-employment and Annual Health check-up should be done for all workers.
It is in the interest of the company to do Medical check-up to see the suitability of man to the job.
We had already conducted Annual Health check-up of more than 10,000 employees. Recently we are conducting Health check-up of 40,000 employees for year- 2010.

At Annual Health check-up, we are not only doing physical check-up but also Blood & Urine test, X-ray chest, Audiometry, Pulmonary Function Test, ECG etc.
Health check-up package will be decided according to the requirements of Industry and cost of test.
We had basic package to Executive package in which Strees test and USG can be additional tests. This will improve the performance and productivity of the Employees. Annual health checkup package will be decided as per as requirement of company, i.e. your requirements.


1.Take regular medicine in the morning if you are already taking.
2. Diabetic patient should not take anti-diabetic drugs in the morning. Please carry the drug/insulin along with you to have it with the breakfast.
3. Dont exercise in the morning.
4. Do not take oily diet at least 8 hrs before blood test as it affect cholesterol report.
5. Wear loose cloth which can be changed if required for X-ray and ECG.
6. As per possible do not wear jewelary as it affect ECG and X-Ray.
7. Please give preference for diabetes persons in morning hours.
8. Wear Glasses (spectacle) who have it for visions.(Eye Checkup).
9. Do not eat Pan/Tobacco/Guthaka as it affects oral examination.


1.10x15 Sq.Ft. One room for Presentation on Health and Hygiene and awareness With Projecter for slide presentation with 20 chairs.
2. 10x10 sq.ft. three room with attached Toilet for urine collection.
3. 10 chairs
4. 3 table
5. one bed/sofa for ECG
6. Generator/Inverter backup as continues power backup .