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First AID Training

First aid is the immediate can given to the injured or suddenly ill person until competent medical care is obtained. Timely given First aid measure will save the life of person and also has psychological Impact that something positive is going on till the Expert medical treatment is available.

We are conducting comprehensive course of FIRST AID which will prepare participates to make appropriate decision about recognition, preventation and Treatment for emergencies.

This course will be conducted on site at company premises or at our Institute which will covers airway, breathing, circulation management, Bleeding, burns, electric shock, musculoskeletal & soft tissue injury, poisoning, bandage, splinting & how to handle victim during shifting/ transport. It also cover medical emergency like diabetic coma, convulsion & hypertension

The basic cardiac life support (LPR) will be demonstrated on mankin (dumy). This course is of two way communication so get the confident in Participates. Approximately 10% of employees must get First- Aid training & reported every yearly.

We will Issue Certificate of participation along with hand book on CPR/ First Aid which will be helpful in knowledge up gradation. We can provide customized packages to suit your individual needs

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