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Occupational Health Service

We at MAYA Hospital & Health Services provide health services to all Occupations which include Hospital services from OPD to IPD treatment

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Annual Health Checkup

As per Factory act and requirement of various ISO certification Bodies, pre-employment and Annual Health check-up should be done for all workers.

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Industrial Health Visits

We are also providing “Visiting Medical Officer” for Industries as per as Requirements. They do consultation and treatment of Employees,

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First AID Training.

We are conducting comprehensive course of FIRST AID which will prepare participates to make appropriate decision about recognition, preventation and Treatment for emergencies.

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Presentations on Health

We also give video- visual presentation on various aspect of health for Industrial employees which help to maintain health & fitness which is used for their performances.

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Yoga and Medications.

Stress is directly & indirectly affects the health of employees Our goal is to not eliminate stress but to learn how to manage it.

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